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Find information about Aguadilla, Puerto Rico events, attractions, activities, and things to do. Contact us with any questions or to reserve Casa Borinquen Vacation Rental.


  • Velorio de Reyes – Celebrated mostly in January, they are a religious ceremony held as gratitude to the Three Kings for some answered prayer. They usually consist of hymns, prayers, and other religious expressions.
  • Kite Festival – Held in April, it includes kiosks, music, and kite flying.
  • Festival de la Chiringa (April 29) – This festival, geared toward the Chiringa (kite), includes food kiosks, music and kite flying. Great fun for kids
  • Crash Boat Beach Summer Festival (May 23 – May 25) – For the past ten years at the end of May, thousands of people have flocked to Aguadilla’s famous Crash Boat Beach for its highly anticipated summer festival. The day long event is jam-packed with musical performances by the island’s top salsa, meringue, reggae, and Spanish-rock bands. Beach goers will have their pick of volleyball, swimming, kayaking, sailing and dance competitions.
  • Festival del Atun – Celebrated in July, it is a festival dedicated to the fishing of the tuna.
  • Festival de la Musica – July
  • Fiestas Patronales San Carlos – October
  • Patron Saint Festival (November 15 – November 18) – Every year, Aguadilla celebrates a patron saint festival. The festivities include live music,dances, food, parades and religious processions.
  • Carnival Aguadillano – December 2


Water Sports
Scuba Diving/Snorkeling Tours to Desecheo Island (Federal wildlife reserve) – In house booking Desecheo Island is located off the west coast of Puerto Rico, some 30 minutes by boat from Rincón. The island is uninhabited, except for a herd of wild goats. Dive sites in Desecheo range from calm drift dives at 60′ to deeper dives (up to and above 120′) to more challenging strong current drift dives. It is a popular dive spot, and on a good weekend one can find three or more dive boats in the area.

Whale Watching – Humpback whales may be seen in the winter from the observation park at the Rincón Lighthouse. The peak season is February, though the whales have been spotted from late December through late March. Whale-Watching cruises available during “Whale Season”. (in House booking) Just ask around the marina or the Lighthouse. In peak season, you may see them a few hundred meters off the Lighthouse.

Golf – Punta Borinquen Golf Club located about 5 minutes away from Casa Borinquen and next to Aguadilla International Airport (BQN) : This 18-hole, par-72 course was opened in 1940 for the officers of Ramey Air Base. The course is set high on a cliff overlooking the spot where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean Sea. There are beautiful views of a lighthouse from the 7th and 8th holes. The course itself is very open with abundant sand traps and a stiff, challenging crosswind. A driving range and practice green are also on-site. The 55 meter elevation offers breathtaking ocean views and sunsets, which provide a true Caribbean style round golf.

Things to Do

  • Aguadilla Bowling Center – A bowling alley that features 18 computerized lanes, with a bar, cafeteria, and games-room. It is located off Interstate PR-2, at Plaza Victoria.
  • Aguadilla Ice Skating Arena – The only ice skating facility in the Caribbean.
  • Aguadilla Skating Park – Is a skateboarding facility located in Downtown Aguadilla.
  • Caribbean Cinemas 6 – Aguadilla Mall
  • Cristobal Colón Park – Family Park with kiosks, a boardwalk with a beautiful view of the city, playground, and a beach.
  • Las Cascadas (The Waterfalls) Water Park – Many water attractions. Among them the Crazy River, Wave Pool, and lots of slides. It is the largest water park in the Caribbean.
  • Pro Bowl Recreation Center – A bowling alley featuring 8 computerized lanes, with a cafeteria and games-room. It is in Ramey Village.
  • Punta Borinquen Golf Course – Is an 18 hole golf course, originally built for President Eisenhower.
  • Ramey Skating Park – Is the only concrete skateboarding facility in Puerto Rico located in Ramey Village (former Military Base).
  • Zazones Creole Cuisine Restaurant/Lounge – Is the only restaurant in Puerto Rico that servers authentic creole dishes and to top, has a touch screen bar top. (2066.5 Avenida Pedro Albizu Campos Suite 6).


  • Amanda’s Restaurant.
  • Chris Restaurant.
  • Cocina Creativa, Carr.110 km 9.8, Aguadilla,787-890-1861.
  • Dario’s Gourmet Restaurant.
  • El Contrabando.
  • El Pomodoro Restaurant.
  • Faro Suites Bar & Grill.
  • Golden Crown.
  • Molina’s Restaurant, Carr. #2 Km. 117.6 Bo. Ceiba Baja,(787) 882-1487. Cozy atmosphere, good service Extensive wine list.
  • Mr. Mofongo Restaurant.
  • Novecento Italian Bistro (Pizza, Pasta, Trendy Bar), Calle Agustan Stahl #61, Aguadilla, 787-882-7475. Hip and trendy pizzeria and a bar where the locals meets.

One Ten Thai, Road 110 Outside Gate 5, Ramey Base, 787-890-0113. Wednesday-Sunday, 5pm-10pm. A small restaurant with a large client base, started out as an experimental take out from a private residence on weekends. The popularity grew and so did the concept. We serve mostly thai and southeast asian food, with lots of veggies, fresh herbs and vibrant flavors.

  • Restaurant Verde Luz.
  • Rosalinda’s Restaurant.
  • Santiago’s Pizzaria.
  • Ta-Buren Restaurant.
  • Tasca de Guillo.
  • Terramar.
  • The Garden Restaurant.
  • Tres Amigos, (IHP Hotel El Faro, PO Box 5148, Aguadilla), 787-882-8000.
  • Woodhaven Restaurant & Grill.
  • Zazones Creole Cuisine Restaurant/Lounge (Is the only restaurant in Puerto Rico that serves authentic creole dishes and to top, has a touch screen bar top.), ((2066.5 Avenida Pedro Albizu Campos Suite 6)),(787) 997-3000 (
  • Desecheo Restaurant (Local Food), PR 107 Pedro Albizu Campos Road, 787-891-0600. 11:00 am-11:00 pm. Authentic local food, fresh seafood and steaks in a cozy athmosphere. Open daily.
  • Boca Loca Restaurant (Latinamerican Cuisine), 51 Stahl Street (Aguadilla Downtown), 787-882-7474,11:00 am-11:00 pm. Specialists in Peruvian, Argentinian, Cuban,Puertorrican and Mexican cuisine. Cocktail lounge.

Night Life

Landing /Rincon
Rte 413, Km 4.7, Rincon, PR ·787-823-3112
As the evening diners leave, a young, party crowd arrives. A 75-foot beautifully polished wooden bar is the center of excitement at this hot nightspot. Large windows provide gorgeous nighttime views of the ocean and live bands keep the joint jumping each weekend. Casual to smart-casual attire.

Tropico Jazz/Rincón
Rte 429, Playa Córcega, Rincon, PR · 787-823-4922
This lively restaurant and bar serves up sandwiches and heartier fare to a background of great jazz music. Snack on an appetizer of octopus or fresh shrimp and enjoy a cocktail made with real Puerto Rican rum. Sixteen brands of beer are also available for your refreshment. The staff are bilingual so don’t worry if your Spanish is rusty. Smart-casual.

Biblioteca Colegial Bar / Mayaguez
Rte 108, Km 3, Mayaguez, PR · 787-805-5940
This laid-back bar is popular with the local college students. They come here to drink a few beers and shoot some pool with their friends. Casual.

Buffalos Cafe / Mayaguez
252 Post St, 2nd floor, Mayaguez, PR ·787-265-1395
This fun Southwestern chain offers cold beer, hot bands and hilarious karaoke. Come with a group of friends and munch hot wings while you take turns signing old favorites. Or sip a cocktail in between dancing to hot salsa and rock bands.

Don Pepe / Mayaguez
56 Calle Méndez Vigo, Mayaguez, PR · 787-834-4941
This friendly spot is popular with visitors, area business folks and students from the Mayaguez campus of Puerto Rico University. Located above the restaurant, the bar is a great place to grab a beer and listen to piano music played by local musicians or an adventurous patron. Dom Pepe’s features bands many nights of the week – call for the show schedule. Casual attire

KAI Beach Bar and Restaurant
Playa Jobos | P, Isabela, Puerto Rico · +1 787-222-7452

Nearby Attractions

Cuevas de Camuy
Rio Camuy Cave Park is the third-largest cave system in the world. Sixteen entrances have been discovered and 11 kilometers (7 miles) of passages have been mapped to date. One special attraction is the Cueva Clara, which measures 695 feet (210m) in length. The park is equipped with picnic areas, walking trails, food facilities, an exhibition hall and a souvenir shop, an excellent day trip

Guanica Dry Forrest Reserve – 40 miles
This is a major natural resource. So important, in fact, that is has been designated a World Biosphere Reserve by the U.N. This 1,600-acre forest offers some of the most spectacular beach, hiking and birding areas (there are over 135 species of birds) in Puerto Rico. Of the 14 hiking trails, one of the most interesting is the hike to the 1,000- year-old lygnum vitae tree.

Arecibo Observatory – 35 miles
For almost 40 years radio astronomers at the Arecibo Observatory have used this, the world’s largest radio telescope, to fathom the sounds of the universe.The site is so impressive that movie stars and Hollywood producers have used the observatory in various films, most recently in Contact, the film adaptation of the Carl Sagan bestseller that starred Jodie Foster. It was also the setting of the finale of Pierce Brosnan’s first James Bond flick Golden Eye.

Mayagüez Zoo – 6 miles
Puerto Rico’s main zoo is located in Mayagüez near the agricultural research station. The site includes 90 acres of tropical vegetation surrounding a children’s park, lake, and islands. The zoo maintains over 300 species of birds, reptiles, mammals and amphibians.

Phosphorescent Bay – La Parguera – 30 miles
An excellent night excursion, especially on nights wth no moon. Boats take visitors from the town of “La Parguera” to the Bio Luminescent bay to the east. One of the few bio luminescent bays in the world due to it’s rare and delicate ecological make up.

Playa Punta Borinquen

Phosphorescent Bay – La Parguera – 30 miles
As long as you enjoy beaches you will enjoy Playa Punta Borinquen and its natural splendor. Some of the endeavors here are fishing, swimming, boating .